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Over <span> 20 years<br> </span> of experience in RES

Over 20 years
of experience in RES


Manolis Safos Engineers & Partners

Having operated since 2003, our office undertakes the project development of Renewable Energy Sources power plants. We are involved in the a-z strategic development, consulting and implementation of all necessary studies until projects becomes fully licensed.

Throughout this period, our office has been engaged in drawing up hundreds of files for customers based in Greece and abroad. Among the office's most significant successes, is our participation in all major solar plants now operating in Greece.


The company counts hundreds of projects, from small and medium enterprises to very prominent names of the Greek Industry. Every project we deliver regardless of its size receives the same attention and diligence.


We are in the ΑΠΕ market before and after the passing of Law 3468/2006 which was the milestone. Join us and take advantage of our long drive.


Technologies we take over

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Small hydroelectric

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Wind Parks

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Storing electricity in batteries

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Solar thermal stations

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Photovoltaic Parks

20 χρόνια εξειδίκευσης

20 years of expertise

With over 20 years of presence in the field of RES

Licensing of the first small & large solar projects

Hundreds projects of all sizes with cumulative power of several GW have been licensed by our office

Companies and Partners

AKRON ENERGY MORNOS S.A. – Project development of wind & photovoltaic projects.
ZOGRAFOU MUNICIPALITY – Project development (including subsidy scheme) one of the first grid connected photovoltaic power plants in Greece.
MUNICIPAL COMPANY OF WATER SUPPLY AND SEWAGE SYSTEM OF LARISA – Photovoltaic power station project development.
ΕΝ.ΤΕ.ΚΑ. S.A. – Photovoltaic power stations project development.
ENVITEC S.A. – Photovoltaic power stations and wind parks project development.
ETRION S.A. / LUNDIN GROUP OF COMPANIES – Photovoltaic and solar thermal power stations project development.
HOLY MONASTERY OF MEGISTH L Project development (including subsidy scheme) of off grid system.
KARATZIS S.A.– Photovoltaic and wind parks project development.
METALLOPLASTIKI AGRINIOU S.A.– Photovoltaic power stations project development.
PORTO CARRAS ENERGY S.A. – Photovoltaic power station (7 MW) project development.
POSITIVE ENERGY S.A. – Photovoltaic power stations project development.
RENINVEST HELLAS S.A. – Photovoltaic and wind park project development.
ROLLMAN S.A. – Photovoltaic power stations project development.
SIDMA S.A. – Photovoltaic power stations project development (including subsidy scheme).
STIAFILCO – Selected Textiles S.A. – Environmental licensing of several biomass & biogas power plants in Greece.
AIOLOS AEROTECHNIKI S.A. – Environmental licensing of a 10,2 MW wind park.
CHAMBER OF CYCLADES – Environmental licensing of hybrid power stations (Wind-PV-Battery) in various Cyclades islands.
VODAFONE – WIND – COSMOTE – Participation in the environmental licensing of cellular antennas.
HATSA ENERGY S.A. – Environmental licensing of biogas power station in Naxos island.
HYDROELECTRIC FACTORIES S.A. – Participation in the project development of wind parks.




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